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i'm way behind in xmas gift making

yikes! i keep doing things that cut into my time with making the rest of my gifts. i barely knitted last night because i went out for drinks till 11pm and needed to go to sleep by 12:30a so i could get up for work this morning. for some reason i keep snoozing my alarm clock and haven't gotten up on time for work in 2 weeks. oooops.

so school is done for the semester, thankfully! i have 3 weeks until my spring classes start. i have so many things in my head that i want to do between now and then. i wonder if i'll have time.

i need to make sure i don't slack this evening. i've got an office shindig, and then i'm forgoing the gym for knitting, since i am physically burnt from last night's workout and running around like crazy these past 2 weeks. i need to make a screen for some tee-shirts and finished a few pairs of slippers. work gets in the way sometimes...

my kitty keeps sitting by the space between my stove and my sink, and that makes me nervous that a little mouse is going to pop out. grrrrr. i do love how my cat responds to her name being called though. i need to make an appt with her vet. she has excess earwax in one ear that needs to be fixed. i hate taking her to the vet because they always make comments about her weight but it can't be helped! she's on a diet, but she is just a little fatty.

ugh i have to go to work now. staff meeting at 9am. at least i get to leave at 4p to get holiday party mashed potatoes and other nosh. mm.
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